“I didn’t ask him where he had found the corpse. Seemed a little rude somehow, all things considered. Not the sort of thing a chap really wanted to stick the old beak into if he was perfectly honest with himself. Never going to be a good answer to a question like that …

And so begins the adventures of Nathanial Carrington — dapper man about town and enthusiastic coward — as he stumbles upon a series of grisly murders after helping his neighbour fake his suicide.

A murdered industrialist with a terrible secret. His second, much younger wife and her immaculately well-dressed lover — who probably also has a terrible secret. A gentleman thief with a taste for blood. An occult detective with a taste for opium. A drunken rogue on the run, a deserter from the Foreign Legion, and an intrepid reporter who just wants her money. With a supporting cast of rusty kitchen knives, elaborate moustaches, disapproving maiden aunts … and a hideously carved stone idol of sinister implication.

Adventure! Empire! Grisly Mutilation!

Dare you try to solve the Riddle of the Mystery of the Faceless Saint?

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